Favorite Actors/Favorite Movie

Tom Hardy/Lawless- There were a lot of movies I could have chosen for Tom Hardy, but I chose this one because he leads an excellent cast to a very raw and sometimes violent film that grabs you from the start. And who doesn’t love a perfectly executed brass knuckle uppercut.

Mahershala Ali/Moonlight- If Mahershala Ali is in a movie, I do not miss it. He is that damn good. And this was the movie that solidified his spot as one of the greats in my book. Toeing the line of drug dealer and father figure, you can see his inner struggle throughout. He delivers one of the most memorable scenes in the movie while teaching Chiron how to swim. 

Tom Hanks/Cloud Atlas- Tom Hanks is acting royalty. He is one of the best five actors to ever grace the big scene. I chose this movie because. I thought it felt like a risk for him and it delivered for me in a major way. Weaving different characters throughout time piqued my interest, and I have been fascinated by Cloud Atlas ever since.

Amy Adams/The Arrival- For my money Amy Adams is the best actress of her generation, I feel like she has more range and ability than most of her peers. The Arrival is a really fantastic sci-fi movie that strays from the normal alien encounter and teaches us something more important. Communication!

Matthew McConaughey/Interstellar- This is my favorite sci fi/space movie by far, it is utterly beautiful. I could have watched the space travel scenes a hundred times and never gotten bored with this movie. MM delivers one of his best performances of his career.

Michael Shannon/Midnight Special-One of my favorite sci-fi movies ever, a boy with superpowers chased by the government and a religious cult. What could be better with Michael Shannon leading the way, there is something about his presences in a movie that always makes me want to see more. 

Ryan Gosling/Drive- The idea that Ryan Gosling can almost say nothing and command the screen for nearly two hours was incredible.  Also possesses the best soundtrack from any movie I have ever watched. Every song choice was perfectly used and executed throughout, giving that added something to make this one of my favorite movies.

Brad Pitt/Seven- “What’s in the fucking box!!!?” Brad Pitt has had an incredible career, he is a megastar who continues to make quality movies. This one happens to be my favorite because of how dark and gritty everything feels about it. The tone of the movie is perfect. With one of the best twisted endings I can remember. 

Christian Bale/Vice- Christian Bale has been a chameleon his whole career, he is always willing to go the extra mile, to make you believe you aren’t watching Bale, but the actual person he is portraying. It has been amazing seeing him transform from character to character over the years. Until I saw him literally become Dick Cheney in Vice, you could not tell the two apart. And he constantly delivers Oscar level performances.

Viola Davis/Fences- Voila Davis and Denzel Washington. What more can you ask for, well whatever it was, the audience got it. These two put on Oscar winning performances, with their strong dialogue, and even stronger chemistry on screen. I think sometimes when a movie is hard to watch because of how raw and emotional it is, that’s when you know you are doing the best job possible. 

Emily Blunt/A Quiet Place- Emily Blunt is one of the most reliable actors in acting. She is always on point and her delivery is impeccable. I felt like this movie was a showcase of just how great of an actor she truly is. From the gripping emotional scenes in the bathtub, to her blasting away aliens with a shot gun. She always delivers quality performances.

Jake Gyllenhaal/Nightcrawler Creepy and Unnerving are two words that come to mind when I think about Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance in Nightcrawler. It is almost hard to put into words how good I think this movie is, it gave the audience everything. It was a major let down for me when Gyllenhaal was not nominated for an Oscar. Please go watch Nightcrawler if you have not seen it.

Leonardo DiCaprio/The Revenant- Leo is the absolute best actor of this generation. Hands down. And this film finally gave him his much-deserved Oscar. The film was brutal but at the same time was so well shot that it was so hard to ever look away. I felt like this movie also had a really great antagonist, (Tom Hardy) that pushed Leo’s character over the edge and help deliver the performance of a lifetime.

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