Denzel Washington

In honor of Denzel Washington’s 65th Birthday, i am going to rank the top 10 movies of his illustrious career! Enjoy

10. Remember The Titans – Best football movie of all time (maybe). I’ve always enjoyed Denzel as coach Boone, and the trials and tribulations the team goes through to achieve the perfect season!

9. Antwone Fisher – Denzel’s directorial debut, following the life of a man in the navy. Denzel also played the psychiatrist in the movie.

8. Philadelphia – Great movie with Tom Hanks and Denzel as a duo! Denzel plays as Tom Hanks lawyer, after he is wrongfully fired for having HIV. This movie won Tom Hanks the Oscar in 1993.

7. Flight – This might be one of the most underrated Denzel Washington performances, playing the intoxicated air plane pilot who saves nearly 300 people with his heroic landing. This performance lost out to Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln (2012)

6. American Gangster – Denzel Washington’s take on Harlem’s drug lord Frank Lucas. Along with Russel Crowe these deliver a really high quality performance together.

5. Glory – One of the all time great movies, the story of the first all black volunteer company fighting in the civil war. This performance landed Denzel his first best supporting Oscar (1989).

4. The Hurricane – Denzel plays a boxer wrongfully accused of murder, despite some historical inaccuracies he knocks this role out of the park, many believing he should have won the Best Actor Oscar (1999).

3.Malcolm X – Another high profile performance by Denzel, leading to an Oscar nom for best actor. (1992) With Spike Lee’s direction and Washington’s ability to nearly become Malcolm X this movie holds up even by today’s high standards.

2. Fences – Teaming with Viola Davis to create a extremely highly regarded movie about a long married couple struggling to raise their son. This movie gave both Washington and Viola Davis Oscar nominations.

1. Training Day – Unanimously Denzel’s best character, Alonzo Harris. Also earned Washington the Oscar for Best Performance in 2001.

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