2020 Movies

Here are my top 10 movies of 2020 that I want to see!!! (No order)

1. TENET – Release Date: 7/17/20 – Christopher Nolan directs an all star cast, starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Bebicki, Micheal Caine. – A secret agent tries to stop WW3 via time travel.

2. NO TIME TO DIE – Release Date: 4/10/20 – Daniel Craig’s final venture as James Bond. Also Rami Malek and budding star Ana de Ramas also star in the 25th installment of the Bond franchise.

3. THE JESUS ROLLS – Release Date: 2/28/20 – A Big Lebowski spin-off following John Turturro’s icon Jesus character and his life.

4. A QUIET PLACE 2 – Release Date: 3/20/20 – Emily Blunt returns in the sequel/prequel to her and her husbands smash hit A Quiet Place. John Krasinski returns in the directors chair also!

5. TOP GUN: MAVERICK – Release Date: 6/26/20 – Tom Cruise reprises his role as Maverick in the sequel to Top Gun. It should be a really thrilling ride!

6. GODZILLA VS KONG – Release Date: 11/20/20 – Finally Godzilla and King Kong tangle on the big screen, its been building for 3 movies now! And i beyond excited!

7. DUNE – Release Date: 12/18/20 – One of the best assembled casts of the year, there’s honestly too many stars to name. Can’t wait for this one!

8. THE WAY BACK – Release Date: 3/6/20 – Ben Affleck stars as an alcoholic looking for a way back, and finds himself coaching his former high school basketball team.

9. THE LAST DUEL – Release Date: 12/25/20 – Adam Driver, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon Star in this retelling of the final duel between a Knight and his squire.

10. DEATH ON THE NILE – Release Date: 10/9/20 – Kenneth Branagh returns as Hercule Poirot, where he looks to solve a murder while on his holiday in Egypt.

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