Iron Man 3

Score: 👍🏽🤜🏽

Starring: Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce 

Director: Shane Black

Synopsis: Seven months have passed since the Battle of New York that took place during the events of The Avengers, and Tony Stark is suffering from anxiety attacks, panic attacks, and insomnia due to post traumatic stress disorder after almost losing his life in the battle. In order to cope, he has dedicated his time to making dozens of varying Iron Man suits. A terrorist known as the Mandarin has launched a string of bombings throughout the country, leaving the U.S. military desperate for evidence and searching for solutions. One of the bombings leaves Tony’s head of security, Happy Hogan, injured, which motivates Tony to personally threaten the Mandarin on national television. In this threat, Tony reveals his home address, prompting the terrorist to send gunships to the Stark home and destroy it. An injured Tony escapes thanks to a pre-programmed Iron Man suit that flies him to Tennessee, leaving the world to believe that he is dead. From here, Tony works from the ground up in order to exact revenge on the Mandarin, face his demons, and save the world once again.

Review: While still stylish and humorous at points, there are quite a bit of flaws with this film. The transitions from scene to scene feel rushed and forced. The humor isn’t as balanced as the previous Iron Man movies, as it almost feels like just a little too much. There are multiple points in the film that make viewers scratch their heads in confusion, the primary example being the big reveal that the Mandarin was actually just an actor working as a figurehead in order to distract the U.S. government from finding out who was truly behind the terrorist attacks. The plot line had potential to be something special, but it simply wasn’t fleshed out enough. This all being said, there are a few positives. Robert Downey Jr nails the Tony Stark role as usual, and it’s interesting to see him in the most vulnerable state viewers had see him in. The visual effects only get better and better with each movie, and Iron Man 3 is no exception, providing us with visually appealing Iron Man suits and flashy explosive action sequences. However, even another masterclass performance from Downey Jr couldn’t save this movie from being mediocre.

Favorite Scene: This one was tough. If you haven’t realized this is one of my least favorite installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But if I had to choose, I would say the scene when Tony begins getting settled in Tennessee and meets a young technological prodigy named Harley Keener. The bond that is quickly created between the pair is one of the higher points of the movie, and it’s refreshing to see Tony have a spark of happiness in his now stressful life. 

Recommendation: This movie is a movie I might recommend to someone who is looking to be somewhat entertained, but not to someone who is looking for a high quality film, even in the superhero movie genre. The small amount of positives simply don’t outweigh the many negatives. There is certainly entertainment to be found, but there are much better choices in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I don’t recommend this film very highly at all. 

Thank you!! Written By: Brandon Gayle

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