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Welcome to Average Guy Movie Reviews! (@AMGuyReviews) I am very excited to begin this long journey to deliver you the reader, easy to understand movie and television reviews. I have been watching and collecting movies for much of my life and feel myself always having opinions on the things I am watching. So I finally decided to make a place to put all my opinions and reviews! Click the links at the top for my reviewing scale and my first review! THANK YOU

2020 Movies

Here are my top 10 movies of 2020 that I want to see!!! (No order)

1. TENET – Release Date: 7/17/20 – Christopher Nolan directs an all star cast, starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Bebicki, Micheal Caine. – A secret agent tries to stop WW3 via time travel.

2. NO TIME TO DIE – Release Date: 4/10/20 – Daniel Craig’s final venture as James Bond. Also Rami Malek and budding star Ana de Ramas also star in the 25th installment of the Bond franchise.

3. THE JESUS ROLLS – Release Date: 2/28/20 – A Big Lebowski spin-off following John Turturro’s icon Jesus character and his life.

4. A QUIET PLACE 2 – Release Date: 3/20/20 – Emily Blunt returns in the sequel/prequel to her and her husbands smash hit A Quiet Place. John Krasinski returns in the directors chair also!

5. TOP GUN: MAVERICK – Release Date: 6/26/20 – Tom Cruise reprises his role as Maverick in the sequel to Top Gun. It should be a really thrilling ride!

6. GODZILLA VS KONG – Release Date: 11/20/20 – Finally Godzilla and King Kong tangle on the big screen, its been building for 3 movies now! And i beyond excited!

7. DUNE – Release Date: 12/18/20 – One of the best assembled casts of the year, there’s honestly too many stars to name. Can’t wait for this one!

8. THE WAY BACK – Release Date: 3/6/20 – Ben Affleck stars as an alcoholic looking for a way back, and finds himself coaching his former high school basketball team.

9. THE LAST DUEL – Release Date: 12/25/20 – Adam Driver, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon Star in this retelling of the final duel between a Knight and his squire.

10. DEATH ON THE NILE – Release Date: 10/9/20 – Kenneth Branagh returns as Hercule Poirot, where he looks to solve a murder while on his holiday in Egypt.

Denzel Washington

In honor of Denzel Washington’s 65th Birthday, i am going to rank the top 10 movies of his illustrious career! Enjoy

10. Remember The Titans – Best football movie of all time (maybe). I’ve always enjoyed Denzel as coach Boone, and the trials and tribulations the team goes through to achieve the perfect season!

9. Antwone Fisher – Denzel’s directorial debut, following the life of a man in the navy. Denzel also played the psychiatrist in the movie.

8. Philadelphia – Great movie with Tom Hanks and Denzel as a duo! Denzel plays as Tom Hanks lawyer, after he is wrongfully fired for having HIV. This movie won Tom Hanks the Oscar in 1993.

7. Flight – This might be one of the most underrated Denzel Washington performances, playing the intoxicated air plane pilot who saves nearly 300 people with his heroic landing. This performance lost out to Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln (2012)

6. American Gangster – Denzel Washington’s take on Harlem’s drug lord Frank Lucas. Along with Russel Crowe these deliver a really high quality performance together.

5. Glory – One of the all time great movies, the story of the first all black volunteer company fighting in the civil war. This performance landed Denzel his first best supporting Oscar (1989).

4. The Hurricane – Denzel plays a boxer wrongfully accused of murder, despite some historical inaccuracies he knocks this role out of the park, many believing he should have won the Best Actor Oscar (1999).

3.Malcolm X – Another high profile performance by Denzel, leading to an Oscar nom for best actor. (1992) With Spike Lee’s direction and Washington’s ability to nearly become Malcolm X this movie holds up even by today’s high standards.

2. Fences – Teaming with Viola Davis to create a extremely highly regarded movie about a long married couple struggling to raise their son. This movie gave both Washington and Viola Davis Oscar nominations.

1. Training Day – Unanimously Denzel’s best character, Alonzo Harris. Also earned Washington the Oscar for Best Performance in 2001.

The Mandalorian(Thru 8 epi.)

As much as i have enjoyed The Mandalorian through 8 episodes I feel like there are so many questions that still have to be answered. (let me know what other questions you have!)

1. Where is this all headed? 5 years after Return of the Jedi. We know the Galaxy is in a lot of turmoil, with the remnants of the old regime still showing through. (Empire)

2. Is Baby Yoda a clone? Or was Yoda not the last of his race. My thoughts are more than likely a clone, and because it’s from Yoda’s blood, the “empire” really wants it’s force abilities and potential.

3. Do you think Mando survives his adventure’s with Baby Yoda or does he give his life for BY? I’m leaning towards Mando giving his life, the one time heartless bounty hunter has had a massive character change into a better person.

4. Do you still care about Star Wars? I will be the first to admit that i have soured on the Star Wars franchise, i used to really be into it, but after 9 movies it’s lost its luster for me. That’s why i felt like Mandalorian was so refreshing, and for that i am thankful for this adventure.

5. Where does Star Wars go next? The only thing i would be interested in is maybe seeing what happens when baby yoda matures or maybe the Obi Wan spin off we’ve heard so much about recently!

Best 10 Movies of the Decade (2010-2019)

– These are the best movies of the decade in my opinion, would love some feedback on some of your picks also! Enjoy and share. –

  1. Interstellar – This movie was excellent from start to finish, it was beautifully shot and well acted. It completely blew my mind the first few times I saw it in the theater’s. The emotional rollercoaster Christopher Nolan took us on will always be a movie I will not forget.
  2. Gone Girl – The combination of talented Rosamund Pike and top of his game Ben Affleck made on screen magic, and included one of the most memorable scenes I have ever seen; Rosamund slashing Neil Patrick Harris throat in such a violent manor, gives me chills just thinking about it.
  3. 12 Years a Slave – Another excellent cast, lead by Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, Lupita Nyong’o. I thought this was one of the strongest movies of the decade. It was hard to watch and sometimes made me uncomfortable but I also believe those are ingredients for a great movie.
  4. The Revenant – Leo finally gets his much deserved Oscar, but what is the crazy thing to me is, I thought he had the second best performance in the movie behind Tom Hardy. The gritty, natural tone of the whole movie won me over. Watching Leo survive the elements, and finally overcome Tom Hardy’s antagonist was so fulfilling as a viewer.
  5. The Master – Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix(what more do I need to say). It is the best acted movie that I can think of think. The Master was nominated for Best Actor, Best Supporting, and Best Actress. Absolutely incredible movie, nearly perfect.
  6. Drive – The best soundtrack for a movie by far. It was perfectly placed that it was able to elevate the movie and tone to a complete different level. Ryan Gosling commands the screen every time he appears, without having too hardly speak. I also think he wears the coolest jacket I have ever seen!
  7. Moonlight – Personally one of my favorite movies of the decade, launching Mahershala Ali into stardom. This movie contains one of the best scenes in movies, when Mahershala teaches the young boy to swim. I will never forget how happy I was when Moonlight won best pictures at the Oscars over LA LA Land.
  8. Dunkirk – The best war movie of the decade, it was eye catching and engaging. 330,000 troops being rescued from their impending doom by civilian vessels. I was also completely invested in Tom Hardy’s fighter pilot and his journey during the battle.
  9. Birdman – Superhero Micheal Keaton takes on Broadway, teaming up with an all star cast to create magic. Everyone was working at such a high level, making one of the most memorable movies of the decade. Edward Norton is one of the most consist actors in Hollywood.
  10. Grand Budapest Hotel – Wes Anderson is a genius, but we already knew that. Ralph Fiennes’ Gustave is one of the best, most quirky characters in recent memory.

Knives Out

Score: 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🤜🏼

Starring: Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Micheal Shannon, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Plummer, Ana De Armas 

Director: Rian Johnson 

Synopsis: The famous writer Harlan Thombry (Christopher Plummer) is having his 85th Birthday party, in which his whole blood sucking family is in attendance. Throughout the party Harlan gives each of them a sort of bad news, causing turmoil in the Thrombry family. The following day, Harlan Thrombry is found dead in his study, leaving the family scrambling over their stories and whereabouts. That’s where world renown investigator Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) steps in to get to the bottom of this murder mystery! 

Review: Knives Out is the modern-day Clue on steroids, giving fans the kind of mystery and intrigue that Clue (1985) could never imagine reaching. This movie uses its ensemble cast, quirky characters, and layered storytelling to successfully deliver a great movie. Daniel Craig steals the show from the very moment he walks onto the screen, he’s all in on his characters mannerisms, and uncanny way of thinking. 

I believe this movie used a pretty risky but genius plot to draw in the audience deeper and deeper with each new layer to the story. The movie really took a turn when Ransom Thrombry (Chris Evans) started getting more screen time, using his knowledge of his grandfather, he started manipulating the main character and his own family. It felt like everyone in the movie had great chemistry and were able to build off each other in a positive way. The twists and turns will leave you wanting more and more! 

Favorite Scene: The Thrombry family reconvenes for the reading of Harlan’s Will. And as the whole family sits there waiting to hear about their inheritance, they are completely blindsided, and their reactions that follow really amplified the final act of the movie. 

Recommendation: I would highly recommend this movie, it had humor, mystery, and murder! What more could you ask for in a movie. If you are a fan of any of these actors and actresses, then you need to get out and see this movie. 

Thank you! 

Favorite Actors/Favorite Movie

Tom Hardy/Lawless- There were a lot of movies I could have chosen for Tom Hardy, but I chose this one because he leads an excellent cast to a very raw and sometimes violent film that grabs you from the start. And who doesn’t love a perfectly executed brass knuckle uppercut.

Mahershala Ali/Moonlight- If Mahershala Ali is in a movie, I do not miss it. He is that damn good. And this was the movie that solidified his spot as one of the greats in my book. Toeing the line of drug dealer and father figure, you can see his inner struggle throughout. He delivers one of the most memorable scenes in the movie while teaching Chiron how to swim. 

Tom Hanks/Cloud Atlas- Tom Hanks is acting royalty. He is one of the best five actors to ever grace the big scene. I chose this movie because. I thought it felt like a risk for him and it delivered for me in a major way. Weaving different characters throughout time piqued my interest, and I have been fascinated by Cloud Atlas ever since.

Amy Adams/The Arrival- For my money Amy Adams is the best actress of her generation, I feel like she has more range and ability than most of her peers. The Arrival is a really fantastic sci-fi movie that strays from the normal alien encounter and teaches us something more important. Communication!

Matthew McConaughey/Interstellar- This is my favorite sci fi/space movie by far, it is utterly beautiful. I could have watched the space travel scenes a hundred times and never gotten bored with this movie. MM delivers one of his best performances of his career.

Michael Shannon/Midnight Special-One of my favorite sci-fi movies ever, a boy with superpowers chased by the government and a religious cult. What could be better with Michael Shannon leading the way, there is something about his presences in a movie that always makes me want to see more. 

Ryan Gosling/Drive- The idea that Ryan Gosling can almost say nothing and command the screen for nearly two hours was incredible.  Also possesses the best soundtrack from any movie I have ever watched. Every song choice was perfectly used and executed throughout, giving that added something to make this one of my favorite movies.

Brad Pitt/Seven- “What’s in the fucking box!!!?” Brad Pitt has had an incredible career, he is a megastar who continues to make quality movies. This one happens to be my favorite because of how dark and gritty everything feels about it. The tone of the movie is perfect. With one of the best twisted endings I can remember. 

Christian Bale/Vice- Christian Bale has been a chameleon his whole career, he is always willing to go the extra mile, to make you believe you aren’t watching Bale, but the actual person he is portraying. It has been amazing seeing him transform from character to character over the years. Until I saw him literally become Dick Cheney in Vice, you could not tell the two apart. And he constantly delivers Oscar level performances.

Viola Davis/Fences- Voila Davis and Denzel Washington. What more can you ask for, well whatever it was, the audience got it. These two put on Oscar winning performances, with their strong dialogue, and even stronger chemistry on screen. I think sometimes when a movie is hard to watch because of how raw and emotional it is, that’s when you know you are doing the best job possible. 

Emily Blunt/A Quiet Place- Emily Blunt is one of the most reliable actors in acting. She is always on point and her delivery is impeccable. I felt like this movie was a showcase of just how great of an actor she truly is. From the gripping emotional scenes in the bathtub, to her blasting away aliens with a shot gun. She always delivers quality performances.

Jake Gyllenhaal/Nightcrawler Creepy and Unnerving are two words that come to mind when I think about Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance in Nightcrawler. It is almost hard to put into words how good I think this movie is, it gave the audience everything. It was a major let down for me when Gyllenhaal was not nominated for an Oscar. Please go watch Nightcrawler if you have not seen it.

Leonardo DiCaprio/The Revenant- Leo is the absolute best actor of this generation. Hands down. And this film finally gave him his much-deserved Oscar. The film was brutal but at the same time was so well shot that it was so hard to ever look away. I felt like this movie also had a really great antagonist, (Tom Hardy) that pushed Leo’s character over the edge and help deliver the performance of a lifetime.