Thor: The Dark World

Score: 👍🏽👍🏽🤜🏽

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins 

Director: Alan Taylor

Synopsis: A year after Loki’s attack on Earth, he is sentenced to a lifetime of imprisonment for his crimes. Meanwhile, Thor fights in the final stages of a war that would bring peace to the 9 realms, further cementing his place as the rightful king of Asgard. However, he is distracted, as he hasn’t seen the woman he loves, Jane Foster, since his last time on Earth. Foster has been called to London in order to work with astrophysicist Erik Selvig, but is mysteriously transported to another world, where she is forced to absorb a weapon known as the Aether. This results in Thor coming to Earth to see what has happened to her, which causes her to unknowingly release the unnatural power of the Aether. Thor brings Jane back to Asgard to figure out the cause of her newfound power, and it is discovered that the Aether is using Jane as a host, slowly killing her. After being awakened by the Aether’s activation, its creator, Malekith, launches an attack on Asgard. Thor’s mother is killed in the battle, and Thor recruits Loki to go after Malekith and his forces in order to get revenge and find a way to remove the Aether from Foster. 

Review: To me, this installment in the Thor franchise was more enjoyable than the first, in many ways. Stakes seemed higher, there was a slightly better villain, there was more comedy, and it meant a little more to the MCU storyline as a whole. For me, the biggest improvement was how much more time was spent on Asgard and other planets that weren’t Earth, as obviously things are much more interesting on other worlds. Seeing Loki and Thor basically forced to work together was an interesting dynamic, and gave viewers an opportunity to appreciate each of their characters more. But perhaps most importantly, this film showed the potential that Marvel movies had when it comes to making sci-fi films set in other worlds, whereas each previous film had been set primarily on Earth. 

Favorite Scene: My favorite scene of this movie was the assault on Asgard by Malekith. Seeing Asgard be attacked was both visually pleasing and well choreographed for Thor’s portions of the battle. Thor’s mother was petty impressive in her fight as well. But overall my favorite part about the scene is seeing the way Asgard comes to its own defense, truly showing off the world where science and magic are one and the same. 

Recommendation: While it isn’t the best movie that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to offer, the second installment of Thor is still fairly enjoyable. It did something different  in showing the space-themed direction that Marvel movies could take. This direction would be improved upon in future films, but The Dark World introduced it properly. I personally believe this movie is worth the watch, and recommend it to fans of more of the intergalactic science fiction genre. 

Written By: Brandon Gayle… Thank You!!

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